Who is Pure Soul Media?

When deciding on a name for our company, I wanted to highlight "the heart" behind why we do, what we do.

I have been a professional photographer, specializing in portraits, for 10+ years. What started as a hobby, in my teens, eventually became my career as an adult. After years of shooting hundreds of weddings, families and individuals; I began to realize that something had to change in my process before I, inevitably, lost steam. I reviewed my work, and I felt that my images lacked that "special something" that distinguished them from everyone else! They weren't brave or real enough, they were just well composed photos. My photography reflected "a sense" of introspect and depth, but they still kept my audience at a safe distance. That was the "something" I was missing! I was tired of being safe because art isn't safe! Safe is boring! And it was disservice to me and my subjects to continue on as I always had.  So I stopped hiding. Fear of being rejected would no longer cripple my creativity! I wanted my art, and my subjects, to be truly known, and honored for what/who they really are! Scarred, freckled, wrinkled, imperfect, and yet, completely perfect in every way. 

Isn't that what we all want, to be known and accepted regardless of our shortcomings? That's what I want and that is what I want to give to others. Showing others where you are weak, doesn't make you weak, it shows us the intimacies of your soul and that makes you brave. As an artist, it is my greatest honor to capture your Soul, raw and real and pure,  because you are worth being known.

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